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Key Person

Our Key Personnel, Management, Drilling Supervisor and Driller, have a wide abroad experience, such as work at difficult ground condition in Africa and around South East Asia. Our experience drillers will overcome difficult and unexpected drilling condition. A summary of Key Personnel experience are listed below:



Dunggio Drilling was founded by Good Dunggio in September 2004. Before founding Dunggio Drilling, Good Dunggio established Sumagud with his several geologist partners for drilling exploration service.

Professional and careers background

Good Dunggio has a strong background in mechanical engineers, hence this strong experience make him could overhaul, upgrade and modify a standard rig into a higher power of drilling rig. Other than his expertise areas, Good Dunggio has a wide experience as a Drilling Consultant and Auditor in Philippine, China, India and Pakistan, which make him fully understand to handle big international drilling projects.

For almost 34 years, Good Dunggio has been trusted to manage drilling operation for Mineral, Coal and CBM drilling projects. With his experience in working with many parties, Good dunggio is able to balance and position him self in handling both of foreign and Indonesian clients.


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Edi Sucipto has master of a good range of drilling technique, leadership & HSE Skill. He is a highly motivated supervisor and backed several years of well site and office experience in fast pace operations on a large variety of different location, which are Australia, Egypt, Laos, Nusa Tenggara Barat and most of all explorations location in Indonesia.

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Urip Katili Currently held position as a D2 Site Manager. He has a wide field experience for 30 years to handle Camp Operation, Drilling Operation, Logistic, and Helicopter Sling.


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Saeful Rahmat has a long professional experience at Geological Resources Centre, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. This brings him to a fully understand on different underground formation and rock types, complicated geologic and geological data and how to handle drilling problem in different type of ground condition.

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Jeanne Dunggio current acts as an Office Manager. She handles and monitors most all D2’s operational activities, includes Drilling Activities, Procurement, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, as well as Government Relation. She gained her exploration experience from a number of D2’s International and National projects since 2010.

Professional and Career Background

Before joined with Dunggio Drilling, she extensively engaged in a wide range business area, such as Property, PMO (Project Management Office), Law and Public Relations.

Educational Background

Jeanne Dunggio obtained her Bachelor’s Degree of Public Relation from LSPR (London School of Public Relation Jakarta) and completed her master’s of International Management & Entrepreneurship from The University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. She also studied Taxes from FISIP University of Indonesia. She enrolled in various training programs and seminars relating with Public Relation, Tender Management Services, Health and Safety at work, and Exploration &Mining aspects.


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Junaedi has successfully completed many challenging drilling and has drilled all types of ground condition in all type of locations in Kalimantan and Sulawesi. He has been a driller charges for 2 years and continues as a Drilling Supervisor on many D2’s Projects. He operates and handles DDJC200, DDJC250, DDLY38 and DDLY44.

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He has extensive experience in drilling operation include freeing rod stuck, mixing drilling mud, diamond drilling, JORC Drilling, Coring, Open Hole, and handling Down Hole Camera. He has successfully completed many challenging drilling, as well as monitoring the progress.


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