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D25KS and D245S


Top performance

from compact drills

  • Excellent visibility of the drilling operation
  • Higher productivity with quicker holespotting

Fast set-up for drilling

  • Comfortable environment with shock mounted cab
  • Roller sunshades to reduce glare
  • Thermal insulation and noise reduction to 81,8 dBA
  • Drill controls arranged logically on the console

Ease of operation

Intuitive fast learning

  • Air conditioning/heating/pressurizing unit for

operator comfort

  • FOPS approved in compliance with mining safety requirements
  • Extended cab provides ample work space for a trainer






  • Wide flange I-beam rails on main frames

-WF 14 X 74,ASTM alloy A572, grade 50 steel

- Solid support for mounted components

  • 325 class undercarriage

- Excellent stability for the drill

-Total reliability on difficult grades

- Hydrostatic drive power: 85 kW (114 hp) per track (D25KS)

- Hydrostatic drive power: 97 kW (130 hp) per track (D245S)

- Delivers top slewing power for faster hole-spotting

  • Fixed axle under the mast pedestal
  • Equalizer axle at the other end of the tracks

- Effective side to side movement

- Reduces stress on the frame for longer frame life


- More fatigue resistance and increased mobility







  • Closed loop system for rotation, feed, track and fan circuits ?Lowers operating costs ?Reduces power consumption
  • Large 511 L (135 gal) pressurized hydraulic oil reservoir ? Reduces the number of oil cycles ?Lowers oil temperatures ?Extends service intervals
  • 3 µm (3 micron) filtration ?Cleaner system ?Extends component life ?Lowers maintenance costs



  • Diesel engines, matched for high or low pressure compressors and required volume

- Long life and lower fuel consumption

  • Tier III C15, C18 or QSX15 engines rated 354

- 470 kW (475 - 630 hp)

-Most effectively operating at 1800 rpm

- Provide optimum power at lower cycling times

and better efficiency

  • Full range of compressors producing

-25,5 - 34,7 m³/min (900 - 1225 SCFM) @

6,9 or 24,1 Bar (100 - 350 psi)

-The compressor is mounted directly to the flywheel housing in line with the engine for   efficient        power transfer

  • 54°C (130°F) ambient temperature cooling system
- Direct drive fan
- Fan is hydraulically delayed during start-up of engine

for maximum torque

  • An optional cold weather package lowers the temperature range for frigid conditions up to arctic weather










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