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1 Unit DDLY 44 Diamond Core Drill System

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The modular concept of this drill permits the operator to select components for a system, which is specifically tailored to meet certain drilling requirements. The Longyear 44 has an important safety feature, namely an automatic pre-torque and breakout tool. The drill can be trailer mounted and skid mounted for vertical and angle drilling. The DDLY 44 Standard type can drill coring up to HQ 450 Meter and NQ 650 Meter, while modified type can drill up to HQ 700 Meter and NQ  950 Meter. For water well drilling Open Hole size of 8 - 10" can drill up to 350 Meter (depend on the ground condition). This is rig equiped with four speed transmission gear.





PQ 200
HQ 400
NQ 600




1. Main Engine (Deutz Engine Standard 115hp and modified 150hp 600 kg
2. Transmission 600 kg
3. Gear Box
100 kg
4. Head Assy 250 kg
5. Chassis (Base) 450 kg
6. Chassis (Upper) + Bracket Mast / Hyd. 300 kg
7. Drum Wireline / Cable 125 kg
8. Hyd. Pump + Control Valve 80 kg
9. Fuel Tank / Hyd. Tank 70 kg
10. Mast Bottom 160 kg
11. Mast Middle 150 kg
12. Mast Top 240 kg
13. Hyd. Mast 110 kg
14. Port Mast 2 Pcs Pipe + Mangky Mast 270 kg
15. Injection pump, with output 37 GPM/minutes (FMC Pump), is driven by 23hp Yanmar engine 350 kg


Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Long Year 44, drill up to 450 m HQ and 650m NQ (depend on the ground condition)

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