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Dunggio Drilling enjoys excellent working relationship with a wide range of clients in varying business industries, which include :


- PT. PLN Batubara (Coal)

- Badan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional - BATAN (Uranium)

- PT. Bukit Fajar Mandiri (Gold)

- BHPB Biliton - PT. Juloi Coal (Coking Coal)

- BHPB Biliton - PT. Maruwai Coal (Coking Coal)

- BHPB Biliton - PT. Lahai Coal (Coking Coal)

- BHPB Biliton - PT. Kalteng Coal (Coking Coal)

- Wirana Nusantara Energy & Lemigas (CBM)

- PT. Arutmin Indonesia (Coal)

- PT. Tamtama Perkasa (Coal)

- PT. Titan Mining Indonesia (Coal)

- PT. Bumi Semesta Lestari (Coal)

- PT. Marunda Graha Mineral (Coal)

- PT. Daya Bumindo Karunia (Coking Coal)

- PT. Batubara Selaras Sapta (Coal)

- PT. Jembayan MuaraBara (Coal)

- Coal Marketing International (Coal)

- Bhoruka Power (Coal)

- PT. Realita Jaya Mandiri (Coal)

- PT Bumi Semesta Lestari

- APAC Coal

- PT. Bara Prima Mandiri (Coal)

- PT Agunori Radja Djaya (Coal)

- PT Masindo Artha Resources (Coal)


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Dunggio Energy Pacific


PT. Dunggio Energy Pacific is  a part of Dunggio Drilling Group. We are a national drilling service company and provide a complete solution by pairing advanced drilling and coring technologies. We offers a highest possible standard in a safety first culture to deliver the most reliable and effective drilling services.
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