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6 Units DDLY 38 (Skid Mounted) and 1 unit DDLY 38 (Track Mounted)

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Longyear 38 is designed for Heli Sling, Telescopic Mast, and is equipped with winching system (skid mounted) :

  • This unit is equipped with 8 &10 inch core barre for Bulk Sample
  • This unit can drill up PQ 130m, HQ 300m & NQ 400m
  • Safety guard in every turning part including spindle rod
  • The mast is equipped with fall arrester
  • This unit is equipped with safety devices: Relief valve in every pump, fire extinguisher, signal etc.
  • This unit can brake down for Heli Mobilization.




1. Main engine (Deutz Engine 60 hp) 250 kg
2. Transmission 325 kg
3. Gear Box 150 kg
4. Head Assy 250 kg
5. Chassis (Base) 350 kg
6. Chassis (Upper) + Bracket Mast / Hyd. 250 kg
7. Drum Wireline / Cable 125 kg
8. Hyd. Pump + Control Valve 40 kg
9. Fuel Tank/ Hyd. Tank 70 kg
10. Mast Bottom 160 kg
11. Mast Middle 150 kg
12. Mast Top 240 kg
13. Hyd. Mast 110 kg
14. Port Mast 2 Pcs Pipe + Mangky Mast 270 kg

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