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Site Preparation

Before drilling operation can begin, the drill site must be prepared. The access team will move with the work and safety equipment to prepare the location. 1 access team consist of 5 people, which is 1 Leader Access, 2 Chainsaw Operator and 2 Access Crew.


To meet the target of zero accidents and zero incidents and to preserving the environment, we will provide an internal and external training, such as Chainsaw Training, SOP Training and JSA Training.


The team should clean vegetation and construct a pad for the drilling rig. Also, should construct an access road.


D2 Workshop Activities


Dunggio Energy Pacific


PT. Dunggio Energy Pacific is  a part of Dunggio Drilling Group. We are a national drilling service company and provide a complete solution by pairing advanced drilling and coring technologies. We offers a highest possible standard in a safety first culture to deliver the most reliable and effective drilling services.
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